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Send RentHQ Reminders to your Email Inbox

Posted on August 26, 2019
Although the dashboard screen in RentHQ is a great way of keeping track of important events, sometimes an email reminder can also help.

You can now opt in to daily and weekly email reminders by going to the Functions / Setup / Options screen and then the Notifications tab.

Daily email reminders will send an email when a new event occurs such as when a rent review is due or a lease is expiring or someone has added a reminder note. With rent review and lease expiry notifications the email will normally arrive 60 days prior to the actual due date.

Weekly reminders will be sent every Monday, and will contain a list of event which need reviewing but have not been completed yet. An example could be a rent review. A rent review will remain on the weekly reminder email until the rent review is completed and the rent review date changed or cleared. Weekly emails also contain reminder notes and lease expiry notifications.

If a property has a property manager defined, and that property manager has an email address, then tenant and property related notifications can be sent to the property manager involved, otherwise they will go to the email address specified on the options screen.