Monthly Archives: April 2018

You can now do more with the Android app while offline

Posted on April 29, 2018
The android app has been enhanced with additional offline functionality.

  • You can now view basic information about tenants, properties, owners and contractors.

  • You can view contact information for primary tenant and owner contacts.

  • You can add new notes against tenants, properties, owners and contractors, although you can not view existing notes.

  • You can send SMS/TXT messages to owners, tenants and contractors, and have the resulting message note saved against the person.

Offline property inspections now available on Android app

Posted on April 11, 2018
You can now do property inspections on the android app without an internet connection.

This means you can record results and take photos while offline, and when you connect back up to the internet again that inspection and photos will be uploaded to the server automatically.

There are some special instructions required for this to work, so I suggest you watch this short training video.

Owner Profit and Loss report can now be emailed like a statement

Posted on April 6, 2018
The Owner Profit and Loss report has been modified so that it can now be emailed and created as an attachment against the owner, just like the Owner Transaction Summary report.

This report is often generated at the end of the financial year and sent to each of your owners.  With this new change, this process will be a lot faster.  You no longer need to generate the report for one owner at a time.