Monthly Archives: September 2018

Enhanced Arrears Reporting

Posted on September 27, 2018
In RentHQ we have previously reported arrears as a single amount per tenant. However that can be a bit confusing, as tenants can have both rent arrears, and extra charges arrears. For example a tenant could be up to date with their rent payments, but be far behind in extra charges, or the other way around.
So now we report these as separate numbers.
- The Arrears portion of the dashboard screen now shows 3 numbers, being rent arrears, charges in arrears, and a combined total.
- The Rent Status report also now shows 3 numbers, being total, rent and charges due.
- The Rent Arrears report now only shows arrears from rent, and excludes extra charges.
- The Extra Charges Arrears report likewise only shows the extra charges due balance, and excludes rent.

New Tenant Extra Charges Report

Posted on September 16, 2018
A new report has been created called the Tenant Extra Charges Report.
This report lists all charges applied to a specific tenant and their payments in date order. It also includes a running total so you can see their outstanding balance over time.
This report is found under Tenant Reports on the Reports screen.