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RentHQ is Moving

Posted on August 11, 2017
RentHQ is moving to new servers. The new server is up and running already at A few test accounts and the demo account is already using it. The new server should offer increased stability and reliability.  The new server is the Microsoft Windows Azure server, which means it is run and managed by one of the largest IT companies in the world. For the most part you wont even notice the move.  You will still be able to log in from either the old or the new web sites.  The software has been redesigned to automatically determine which server your account is on, and will talk to the appropriate server behind the scenes.  This includes existing logins for landlords, tenants and contractors.  The exception is the mobile managers login.  After your account has been moved, when you try to log in from the wrong server, you will be given instructions to go to the appropriate web site to continue logging in. To minimise disruption, accounts will be moved across one at a time over the coming weeks.  Smaller accounts with no attachments or who use dropbox for their attachments will be moved first.