Monthly Archives: October 2023

Multiple Updates for October 2023

Posted on October 27, 2023
A whole host of changes have been made in the latest release of RentHQ based on user feedback.

You can now send a TXT/SMS message to contractors for work orders. This is in addition to the ability to email the job to the contractor. This is great for contractors who are on the go and don't have time to stop and check their emails. Thanks to Nicole for the suggestion.
Send work orders as text messages

You can now add a disbursement reference to the owner details screen. This reference will then get exported when generating a bank import file for banks that support it. The reference is found on the owner details screen, disbursements tab. Thanks to Lee for the suggestion.

A new Australian BAS (Business Activity Statement) report has been created. This is similar to the New Zealand GST Calculation report, but designed with our Australian friends in mind. This report is found on the Reports screen under 'Analysis Reports'. Thanks to Maya for the suggestion.

The attachment list for Tenants, Owners and Work Orders now has an additional 'Online' column. This indicates if the tenant or owner is able to view these files from their online portals. Not available on mobile apps. Thanks to Lee for the suggestion.
Show attachments 'online' status for each file

On the Extra Charge list screen, there is a new column to show the extra charge number. Not available on mobile apps. Thanks to Garth for the suggestion.

Inspection Work Order Photos

Posted on October 10, 2023
When completing a property inspection, there is the ability to create new work orders directly on the inspection results screen. This saves time going backwards and forwards between the inspection screen and the work orders screen.

This has now been enhanced further with the ability to also take a photo and attach it to the newly created work orders.

When the photo is taken, 2 copies of the photo will be created. The first copy will be attached to the inspection itself. The second will be attached to the work order.

As shown in the images below for both mobile and desktop, a new button labelled 'Take Photo for this Work Order' now exists below each new work order being created. Therefore if you are creating multiple work orders, you can attach the new photo to the correct work order.

How to add photos to a work order on a mobile phone in RentHQ How to add photos to a work order on the desktop in RentHQ

This functionality is not available in off-line mode.
Thanks to Marian for the suggestion.

Changes to tenancy agreement additional clauses

Posted on October 3, 2023
All of the tenancy agreements you can generate through RentHQ has the ability for you to add your own additional clauses. Up until now, you would need to copy and paste these each time a new agreement is created.

This has now been changed.

When you create an agreement for the first time for a property, the additional clauses will default to the clauses save with the last agreement created, regardless of which property that agreement was for.

When you then go to generate another agreement for the same property, it will default to the last clauses saved for that specific property.

In other words it will first attempt to use the clauses previously use for the same property, and failing that it will use the last clauses used for any property.

Thanks to Garth and Nicola for the suggestion and feedback.