Inspection Work Order Photos

Posted on October 10, 2023
When completing a property inspection, there is the ability to create new work orders directly on the inspection results screen. This saves time going backwards and forwards between the inspection screen and the work orders screen.

This has now been enhanced further with the ability to also take a photo and attach it to the newly created work orders.

When the photo is taken, 2 copies of the photo will be created. The first copy will be attached to the inspection itself. The second will be attached to the work order.

As shown in the images below for both mobile and desktop, a new button labelled 'Take Photo for this Work Order' now exists below each new work order being created. Therefore if you are creating multiple work orders, you can attach the new photo to the correct work order.

How to add photos to a work order on a mobile phone in RentHQ How to add photos to a work order on the desktop in RentHQ

This functionality is not available in off-line mode.
Thanks to Marian for the suggestion.