Monthly Archives: September 2017

New Training Video - Scanners and Cameras

Posted on September 29, 2017
This new training video shows how to scan documents off your scanner and grab photos off your camera/phone and import them directly into RentHQ. These are not new functions, but the video is.  Enjoy.

New Business Entities

Posted on September 26, 2017
A new function called Business Entities has been created. A business entity is an organisation owned by the RentHQ account owners.  For example if you are a property manager, then your property management business would be a business entity.  For a landlord who has a company or a trust or properties in their own name, each of those would be a Business Entity in RentHQ. The purpose of creating business entities is to allow separate reporting for each business entity.  For people who only have 1 business entity, this new function has no effect on you. With the creation of Business Entities, the previous <General> property which you find on the cashbook screen has been replaced with the business entity name.  So if you have multiple business entities, you would have multiple <General> type properties. You can create or rename entities using the Functions/Setup/Business Entities menu option. A video tutorial can be found here &t=1s

Attachments Gallery View

Posted on September 15, 2017
Attachments in RentHQ have been enhanced to allow you to quickly view the existing attachment images without opening each attachment one at a time.  This is done using the new Gallery View option. At the bottom of the attachments screen below the list is 2 new options labelled 'List View' and 'Gallery View'.  List view is always the default selected option.  Clicking the Gallery View option will add a small image into each row, as long as that row is in fact an image.  Other files such as PDF files will just show a blank space.