Monthly Archives: November 2023

New Updates from Customer Suggestions

Posted on November 15, 2023
Thanks again for all the suggestions we have received.

The latest update, version 3.8.9 on the login screen, has the following enhancements.

When creating an inspection, you can now choose to either select the property or the tenant. If you select the tenant, the associated property will be automatically selected for you. If you choose to select the property, the list of available tenants will be limited to only those tenants currently occupying the selected property. You will still need to select a tenant, as they are the one responsible for the property. This can save time for those property managers with a lot of properties, who cant remember which tenant occupies the property they want to inspect. Thanks to Michelle for the suggestion.

The length of an extra charge description has been increased from 50 characters to 250 characters. This will provide more room to enter a detailed description of what the tenant is being charged for. Various reports which print these descriptions have been modified to accommodate the larger content. When required, the text will wrap across multiple lines. Thanks to Roger for this suggestion