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Add Supplier Invoice # to Payment Details Report

Would be great if the supplier invoice number printed on the Work Orders - Payment Details Report, and if the report could total each supplier when no specific supplier is selected.

Tenants inspections tab add create new inspection

at the moment you cant create a new future inspection for a tenant from this screen, you have to go out to the schedule, to manually set one up. Would be great to have a create new inspection button with default inspection frequency, but customizable.

Contracting inspections - Security

When we allow access to a third party to complete inspections, I can not see a way to secure information while allowing previous inspections to be viewed , and allowing relevant scheduling tasks to be completed, and data not being able to be accidentally altered

New Tenant and Inspections

Currently when creating a new tenant an inspection is created for 3 months after the Tenancy Start Date. It would be good if a Move In Inspection was automatically created for the Tenancy Start Date, and have an Configurable Option to set a time for the First Inspection - currently we do one after 4 weeks, and have this Regular Inspection automatically created. Then default to the Inspection Frequency that has been set, after this.

Owners Name on a Work Order

Would be great to have the owners name or short code automatically print on a work order so that the invoice can be addressed to them, and also helpful when paying an invoice and checking that the owner has sufficient funds to make the payment.

Allocate a work order to a staff member

When creating a work order, it would be helpful to have a field to put in the persons name & phone who the supplier can contact to discuss the work order. And also so that our office knows which PM loaded the work order if they need to follow-up on something

Search function in Tenants Screen

I would like to be able to search by property on the tenants screen! That column is available now, and being able to search by address would be super handy.

Owner Portal

For "Work Orders", "Files/Letters", "Files/Attachments" - add Search option by Property, Status etc, for "Work Orders" add Checkbox to hide Closed jobs.

Assett recording

When adding an asset , we record the words about the item, it woudl be great to be able to attach a Manual or/and a Photo of The item, also a receipt for warranty purposes.

Late Rent Reminders text/email

Could we have an Automatic system, where we can set up Auto emails or Texts to tenants when they are late paying. The System could be customised for how many days after due, and by how much overdue. So that in The case of Commercial tenants, they would get a Text reminder to pay their rent say when X days late.

Inspection Reports / Work Orders

The work order photos taken during inspections come up on the inspection reports - which is great, but could we also get the work order description on there too? That would be helpful. Perhaps the work order number would also be useful?

Tenant/Owner/Property Notes

After a tenant or owner has many notes, it can be hard to find the one you are looking for, as there is no search function. Sometimes there are notes that are relevant ongoingly, but they get lost in the list because they are added with a date and stay in date order. Would it be possible when adding notes to instead of having the date automatically added, have an option to "Always show this note at the top of the list". (Alternatively being able to edit the date so you could use a date of 1/1/3000, would mean that note always stayed on the top of the list).

Disbursements total

On The Disbersements screen add a Total balance for the fees and payments. Just when distributing we double check The totals before pushing the button, and currently we manually add the totals, would be nice to have a total on screen


On the Reminders screen, as well as having the option to "remind me after xxx date", could we have the option to "remind me every x weeks / x months / yearly on xxx date". It would be helpful to have the system do this instead of us having to constantly change the date on the reminder.

Automatic Charges

Maybe I am missing something, but is there some reason why Automatic Charges (we use this Opex for commercial tenants, and things extra to rent, like renting a carpark) can`t actually be automatically applied? We currently have to go in to the automatic charges screen and select them and apply them. It`s a minor thing, but just another item to remember to do before printing tenant statements to show them what is overdue, and to keep their otustanding balances current.

On Browser version the order of tenant

on Browser version the tenants extra charges are always with oldest attop, when you click the button to make it opposite, and then say delete the latest charge, it reverts to the oldest at the top again. Can we make it stay how it is for the duration of the session.

Inspection Date/Time

Hi, The ability to drag and drop the inspection into date and time would be great. Thanks

Overdue Arrears Page

It would be great to have a column on the Overdue Arrears page, showing the `Last Date Paid`. At the moment there is only a `Paid To Date` but this isn`t correct as it is just the date of accumulated rent payments Eg if a tenant missed a week`s rent 3 weeks ago but did pay last week and this week (which is the latest rent paid); the page/column tells us that the last date paid was a week ago which isn`t correct (as they did pay this week). By adding this extra column, you could then change the header of the `Paid To Date` to say `Rent Paid Until`... which would then show that they are missing however many weeks rent. So the Overdue Arrears page columns would be like this - Tenant Code / Name / Address / Last Date Paid / Rent Paid Until / Overdue Arrears / Balance (you should also swap the last two columns around which makes more sense :) Thanks alot

Inspection Signature

It would be great to be able to have a signable box (somehow!) on inspections. When doing a move-in inspection, we would like to get the tenants to sign off that the photos taken and the notes are accurate. There is an inspection checkist in the tenancy agreement, but it would be extra "insurance" to have them agree to the photos as taken. As we are taking photos at the time of the inspection, we can`t print it out and ask them to sign it, so a signature somehow captured at the time of the inspection would be great.

Work Order Photos

Would it be possible to have the option to attach the work order photo to the work order email sent to the contractor? This would be very helpful to the contractor! Alternatively, on the button to email the photo, in the "message" box, if the work order details came up automatically in there, that would work too...

AI button to be added to the Mail merge format

The AI button seems to work well on The advertising page, can we add it to the Mail merge document form?

Digital signatures

After creating a tenancy agreement using the `Create Agreement` button, we would like to be able to get these PDF files digitally signed rather than having to print the document and sign it manually.

Notes on inspection rooms

Would it be possible to have a separate field in the property inspection record screen for each room, to record a note about existing damage (that was there when the tenant took over the property), If this stayed on the inspection screen permanently, It then wouldn't have to be recorded each time. Although a note can be copied from a prior inspection, that isn't ideal, because if there is something additional to attend to in that room, then it gets added to the same "box", and the whole thing gets copied the next time, and has to be edited, which is time consuming and tricky to do in the little boxes on a phone. When we print a report to show what work needs to be done following inspections, the "existing damage" gets mixed in with the new items as well making it hard to filter through

Commecial right of renewals

Can we have a Date box added to the Tenant details screen. so that we can add any rights of renewal . also if this could be printed on the relevent reports.

Add rent arrears Graph/time

Performance of a Property manager is a common way of determining skills. A graph to have a graph that graphs Total Rent/water/outgoings arrears over time, so a trend can be shown.

Ability to delete building templates etc

Currently we cant delete a building template if it is used. also other things like property managers. Need to be able to tag them as deleted.

Fixed asset, ability to add a document such as an

When loading a fixed asset , we need to be able to attach The invoice for purchase for warranty claim etc.

Bond Number to be added to Tenant screen

Add bond Number field to the Tenant screen, and make it print on tenant report, and a mail mergable field. Also include it when doing a Bond top up or refund form.. Occasionally a Bond number is lost or worse it is not sent to bond centre, so a report for The tenant, with The Bond number added, would highlight a deficiency.

GST and Commercial tenants to have option plus GST

With Commercial tenants , both owners, tenants, and property managers want to treat the rents etc as before GST, not including GST, as is with Residential. This request would allow (after previous request to tag a property as commercial or residential) is to allow the manager to tag The rents as including OR plus GST, and have the invoices reflect this when sent. Currently invoices are sent including GST and tenants have to calculate back The pre GST amount.

Safety information recorded against property

In this age we need to be briefing our contractors and employees of known safety related items. This request is to add 1) Safety related items to a Property, such as "Soffits suspected to contain Asbestos" or Rear steps narrow or House has been previously a Meth house etc etc 2) Record safety related items to a Tenant. such as " Dog Present" or Tenant can be agressive. etc Then A) Add To The Work orders we send to contractors this information., and to include some for of awknowlegemnt that they have read The hazards associtated with this property/Tenant B) Add to property inspectors notes, on teh app a warning of safety items listed

More characters in the Full Name Of Tenants field.

I have several tenants that have up to 8 names on the tenancy.

Emailing reports

When emailing reports - eg the property inspection report, no record is kept anywhere of that email being sent. For example if I email the property inspection report to "management", and add a message to that email in the pop up box, there is no record anywhere that I have done that. It isn`t under the tenant, or the property, or anywhere else that I can reference again. If I email a contractor a work order, the email pops up in outlook, so there is a record in Outlook, as well a note being added to the work order. Could this same thing happen with the inspection reports (and any other reports) that get emailed?

Tenancy agreement

To be able to Add a new tenant into the existing tenancy agreement, when one tenant leaves and finds a replacement tenant.

Tenant Information Screen Running Total

When you change the sort order of the tenant information screen, the running total is no longer correct. For example, because we have a lot of data for some tenants, we often sort by reverse date so that the newest date is at the top - this saves a whole lot of scrolling. However, when there is more than one transaction on a day, the running total is wrong. Would be really great if that could be fixed!

Ability to differentiate commercial & residential

It would be great if there was a check box identifying if a property is commercial or residential, and accordingly, in the reports we can search and print reports, per property type. if an office has managers who look after commercial, and residential separately. currently it is sometimes hard to get a report that applies to say only residential if you are looking to search say residential arrears. especially as these two property types are dealt with quite differently.

Disbursement by Property

I have a number of owners that need disbursements for different properties to be paid to different bank accounts, due to funding with separate banks. The only way I know how to do that currently is to have a separate owner setup for each property, which makes management for us and the owners complicated, as they have to have multiple logins to the owner portal and multiple statements from us. Is there a way to setup disbursement by property, rather than owner?

Rent Status on Dashboard being requested.

We have been using RentMaster for over 20 years and are in the transition stage to RentHQ. We would like to request the Rent arrear on the dashboard should include the check box for Arrears tenants only.

Late Fees - apply by Tenant

Allow Late fees to be charged per tenant, not as a whole. At the moment if you have commercial and Residential tenants, some allow late fees and Residential in NZ do not.

Transactions/Cashbook - Quick Filters

Could you provide Today and Yesterday as new options from the drop down list.

Reports to have the option of "30 days in future"

Currently options such as "This calendar month" are resonably useful at the start of the month, but not so at the end of the month. We need the option of running reports "looking ahead 30 days" or similar. especially useful, for reports like scheduled inspections, or move out, etc.

Multiple Owners

This may be a bit of an unusual case, but we have a couple of properties that are jointly owned by two people/entities, and they like to have the disbursements for that property split and paid to two different accounts. We would like to have that function, if possible, as it would save paying these particular disbursements manually.

Inspections / Property Details

On each property screen we can specify the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking. When an inspection is created it will create the correct number of bedrooms etc on the inspection report. However, plenty of properties have more than one living area, and some have offices too, as well as garages. It would be great to have "living areas", "garages" and "offices" on the property screen as well. This would save me having to create separate inspection templates for houses that have 2 living areas, or an office, or a garage. Eg: My inspection templates list looks like this: House (no garage) House and garage House, 2nd living (no garage) House, 2nd Living and Garage House, office, garage House, Office, (no garage)

Reminders Screen

We find the reminders screen hard to read as there is no easy way to sort or find reminders in the list as they all have the tag of "General Item". There is also no line between one reminder and the following one so the text all merges together. It would be great to have another column on this screen that we could use to sort these reminders - eg: we could enter a title, a property code, an address etc, so that we could sort by that and find the reminders again.

Quick search of contractors when adding work order

When you are adding a work order, it would be great if you could start typing the name and the contractor list reduced to only those containing the letter combination. At the moment you have to page down to find your contractor manually. Also would be great if you can search by skill at the point of work order entry. ie rather than remembering how you entered a plumbers name, you could select skill plumber, and then it would only shoe your 3 or so plumbers.

Contractor Portal

1/ Show column for Priority 2/ Show column for Address (and/or Short Code) and/or Town 3/ Show column for Date Reported 3/ Provide ability to sort by ID, Status, Address (or Short Code)

Inspection templates to be easily copied

It would save alot of time if you could save a template as a different name rather than going through and creating a new template for each new property from scratch. some houses ar esimilar so would be great to be able to save as, or copy to new.

Apple Mac APP and mac browser compatibility

Currently RENTHQ application only works on a PC. Also the online browser version only works on a very old Mac operating system, with an old version of the Sea monkey browser installed. It would be great if we could have an App for the Mac, as our office runs macs and we have been considering our options due to having to run virtual machines on each mac, and this becomes very unreliable. Please create a compatible version that operates on the latest standard browser such as google chrome or Microsoft Edge on Apple Mac..

Ability to add photos to inspection "Room"

Currently it appears you can not add a photo to a room when editing an inspection. Often we take photos on our phone of certain items and want to add it into the room on The report, however can only add to The report as an un named photo. ie it is not attached to any particular room.

Open home schedule

Could we create an open home schedule in RentHQ? I want to be able to specify what date and time I want to have an open home at a particular property. Then there should be a way for tenants to be able to see my schedule for the property and register their interest at viewing that property at the time specified.

Sort order

When viewing information for tenants rent history and owners disbursements is it possible to display the latest transactions at the top of the page. Currently we have to scroll to the bottom of a long list to view the latest transaction and to see the status of the account e.g rent arrears or not which takes time and clicks.

Emailing/Printing Quotes

Would be helpful to have work orders that are QUOTES to print/email with the words Quote at the top instead of work order. We have had several instances where we have sent off requesting a quote and the supplier has done the work thinking it was a work order

Tenant reference print information

When printing a tenant reference, could we get the referee and applicant details added to the print out along with the questions and answers.


There are lots of reports in RentHQ - however we typically only use a handful of them repeatedly. Sometimes because there are so many with similar names it can be hard to find the one you are looking for, especially if you use it infrequently. Would there be a way to hide or grey out some reports that we don`t use? They shouldn`t be deleted, but if there was a way to mark some of them to easily find them again I think that would be helpful.

Insurance Details for Tenancy Agreement

Would there be a way to add some fields to the property information to record the Insurer, Insurance Policy Name, Excess amount, (and the date last updated) that could automatically be added to the tenancy agreement when signing up a new tenant, to save looking it up each time? If these fields existed in the property information, a report could be generated so that we could easily see which property we have up to date insurance information on file for. We are obliged to have this information available to tenants, but currently have no easy way to keep track of which information is up to date.

Security around deleting extra charges

At the moment you can delete tenant extra charges from before The Close off date locked under options. You can not edit them , but you can delete them. Please change so they can not be deleted either

Owners / Tenants etc Notes Screen

Could these please default to the newest note at the top? They always come up with the oldest one first and have to be resorted.... when you have notes dating back several years, really you will always want to see the newest ones at the top without having to scroll, so that seems like a more logical order.

Work Order Status

Would be great to have another status option in work orders of APPROVED (approved for payment) so that once the job has been completed, and the property manager has reviewed the invoice, it can be changed to approved - meaning that it is now ready for payment.

Improve search ability on Automatic transactions

When you have multple automatic charges it is hard to locate them , ability to have a search box, so you can type a word would save time.

Work order payment screen to include Reference

Please include the reference on the work order payment screen . After you have loaded various payments against the work order, the reference is not visible on The summary.

Tenant / References

Please can we get an option to Print a Reference that has been completed, just like Prospects.

Trial Balance Report

Could you please modify this report (or create a second version) to include Owners who have a "due to owner" balance of zero? We still want to know who these owners are who are getting paid zero. It would be better if the report only excluded "closed" owners, not all those with a zero balance.

Notes to identify writer

It would be really great when adding a note to a tenant or owner record etc, for RentHQ to record who wrote the note - it would just have to be the login name for whoever entered the note. We quite often have notes that read "spoke to xxxx..." but it would be good to know who wrote that. I realise we could write it in the note itself, but people dont always remember!

Rent Review

In NZ we have to give 60 days notice to a tenant of any rent review/increase, when we send the Rent Review notice/letter, could Rent HQ automatically schedule to send a reminder to the tenant a number of days prior to the rent review/increase date?

Add Search by KEYWORD function to work orders

When searching through work orders, (Maybe other screens as well) it would be good to have a search box that has keywords. ie for example Im searching for a old work order to cut hedge. so want to search for "Hedge"

Work Order Status

Work Orders add status: "On hold", "Closed-Did not progress", "Approval Sought"

Ability to credit Payment against closed property

We have tenants who unfortunately pay us small amounts weekly from their benefit. They have been historically evicted. The property also has been sold or not managed by us anymore. This request is to allow payments from a Vacated tenant, WHEN the house is ALSO no longer managed. currently when you mark a property as "No longer managed by us" AND when there is a vacated tenant, which is status "closed - allow transaction entry", you can not allocate payments against that tenant. Can we make it so if The property is closed can still allocate please.

Tenant extra charges search to show property addy

When doing Tenants/Extra charges search, it does not show the property name. In our case we have 1 tenant renting many properties. so we can not quickly see the correct property when The tenants name is the same for many. This suggestion is to also add the property address to the creen. Currently there is plenty of space on The search form.


Some letters sent to tenants should be viewable to the owner on their portal, ie: 14 day notices, rent reviews.... maybe add a flag to the mail merge/letter generation to include on Owners portal, as you do for tenants?

Add columns to the Cashbook screen

Add "Disbursed" and "Reconciled" columns to the Cashbook screen to identify transactions

Extra Charge Invoices

It would be helpful to have capability for multi-line invoices to be created from the extra charge description field (longer field length with automatic word wrap). This is currently very limited which means we have to abbreviate to the point where any 3rd party cannot understand the invoice text. Trying to fit within the size constraints costs too much time also. We also often have to create multiple invoices/extra charges rather than one multi-line invoice because of this.

Property Inpsections

It would be really good if you could generate Inspections via address not the tenant - as it it the property we are inspecting not the tenant, I just find that each week we have to look up the property address to find out who lives in what house.

Tenant Screen

On the tenant screen it would be really helpful to have the first line of the property address as one of the columns.

Import Statement Screen and viewing tenant files

It would be very useful to be able to see the tenant or property screens whilst importing a statement. When you need to check something in a tenant record (such as their current rent amount, or which property they are in) or in a property record (such as what the property code is for that address) whilst you are importing a statement, you can’t do it and have to exit out of the import screen and start all over again.

Generate Invoice - Tax Invoice with custom fields

When generating an invoice via the extra charges tab, including a custom field at the bottom of the invoice for bank details would be awesome!

Disbursement Reference

Allow a custom reference for disbursement payments to owners

Inspection Letters

Add mail merge function for Inspections - I schedule multiple inspections (40-60) and having to manually generate a letter for each one is very time consuming.

Add a visible checkbox column to "Attachment" tab

On each "Attachment" tab - add a visible checkbox column to display "View" status for each file - so we do not have to open each file to see if an owner/tenant can see the file.

Invoice numbers to be recorded against transaction

Invoice numbers to be recorded against transaction, or searchable in RENTHQ Currently we create an invoice to The tenant for things like water, or mowing etc. The RENTHQ system generates an invoice number, which is sent to The tenant with the charge. HOWEVER there is no way to search that charge in RENTHQ quickly. eg I have a tenant who pays invoices as a batch payment. for example, they rent 12 properties off us, they pay invoice CHG19052, CHG19053, CHG19069 as a batch . we have no way of quickly finding which property to allocate the payments to. as the CHG.... number does not appear to be recorded anywhere?

Text Work Orders

Would be great to be able to text work orders to the contractor straight from the work order screen. A lot of our smaller contractors struggle to keep ontop of emails, so we text them with jobs.

Ability to add custom clauses in the Agreement

It would be great to be able to add custom clauses in the tenancy agreement. Custom clauses are usually linked to the property . but could also be linked to a particular tenant

Inspection work order photos

When recording inspection results, there is the ability to create work orders at the same time. It would be good to be able to add photos to the work order and the inspection at the same time from the mobile phone. At the moment I have to copy the photo from the inspection and add it to the work order after I have completed the inspection.

Inspection on google calendar

When we add inspection via the calendar in Renthq, is there a way it can sync with google calendar?