Monthly Archives: October 2016

New Update - Add Multiple Attachments

Posted on October 27, 2016
The ability to add attachments has been enhanced.  Now you can add multiple files at the same time.  This applies to everywhere where attachments can be applied - tenants, owners, work orders and inspections.  So now you can add all those inspection photos at once. To add multiple files you press the Add button on the attachment screen as per normal.  However when you choose which file to attach, you use the standard windows functionality of holding down the shift or controls keys while clicking the files to include.  Once selected, the RentHQ screen will go through each file one at a time allowing you to enter an attachment description and confirming the upload.

GST or VAT reporting changes

Posted on October 15, 2016
More work has been done around printing the GST or VAT reports for property managers. If you go to Functions/Setup/Income Groups or Functions/Setup/Expense Groups you can now choose to exclude specific groups from GST reporting. The GST reporting is intended for printing the GST obligation of the property manager.  However commercial property managers often receive rent inclusive of GST.  That GST amount however is not normally paid by the property manager, but is paid by the property owner.  Therefore for GST reporting purposes, it would be necessary to exclude Rent from the GST report.  The same could also apply to other income or expense groups.  Generally the only income the property manager has which incurs GST is the management fee. The existing report called Tax Summary has been modified to exclude income or expense groups which are specified as excluded from GST reporting. A new report has also been created called New Zealand GST Calculation.  This is intended for New Zealand customers only.  It will print a report in a similar format to the New Zealand GST return, and could be used as a basis for completing your return.