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New Feature - Send emails via Outlook

Posted on March 11, 2012

A new version of RentHQ has been released which now enabled you to send emails via outlook.

This is set up by going to the Fuctions/Setup/Options screen, then to the Email tab, and choose the option to use Outlook as the method of sending emails.  You should then use the Send Test Email button to confirm it is set up correctly.


There are a few issues to note.

This will only work with Windows.  It wont work on a Mac.

You need to have the full version of Outlook installed on your computer, and also have it running in the background when sending emails.

In order to send emails via Outlook, RentHQ has to be run under a higher security mode.  To do this, right click anywhere in RentHQ and choose to Install RentHQ on your computer.  After installing, a new icon will be added to your desktop or start menu or both.  You need to run RentHQ from this icon, not in the web browser, to use Outlook.