Monthly Archives: April 2012

New Feature - Print invoices and statements for a single tenant

Posted on April 18, 2012

On the report selection screen, when printing the Tenant Invoice or one of the Tenant Statement reports, you can now select a single tenant from the drop down list box.  This will overwrite the property selection and print for that single tenant only.

New Feature - Attachments on Work Orders

Posted on April 9, 2012

You can now add attachments to work orders, just like you can add attachments to tenants and properties and owners.  So now you can add any file type like a photo or a specification to a work order.

New Feature - Print Work Orders

Posted on April 8, 2012

Work orders can now be printed via the 2 prints buttons on the work order details screen.

The 2 print buttons allow 2 different formats of the report to be printed.  The first is an internal report which has all the details on it.  The second is the contractor version, which has a limited amount of information on it.  For example it does not print all your notes.  The second version could be sent to the contractor for their information or for quoting.

New Feature - Send statements via email

Posted on April 6, 2012

A new feature has been added to RentHQ which will enable tenant and owner statements to be sent via email.

For this feature to work, the primary contact for the owner or tenant needs an email address.  Is they dont have an email address, that tenant/owner is not sent an email, but the ones who do, will.

You also need to create a new mail merge letter to send to the tenant or owner.  This will determine what the email looks like.  As part of the update, 2 new sample letters have been created called the New Tenant Statement and the New Owner Statement letters.  You can either modify these letters or create new letters.  The main new feature of these letters is the Statement URL item that can be inserted.  Note that the name of the letter will also be used as the email subject.

The sample letter will look something like this.  Note the url in this sample does not work.


Hi Joe Bloggs


A new statement has been generated for you.

You can download your statement from here



When the email is sent, the email letter will contain a web site URL which they can use to access the original PDF file.  The PDF file is not attached to the email.

Emails are not send by default when the report is generated.  To get the email sent, on the report print screen, you need to specify you want to generate separate files for each owner/tenant, and also that you want to send emails.  You then also get to specify which mail merge letter to send to the owner/tenant.  The system will remember the mail merge format used for the next time you print a statement.  You will need to have different letters for tenants and owners.