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Taking photos on mobile phones

Posted on October 22, 2014

Taking photos on a mobile phone or tablet has always been challenging with the variety of devices and operating systems out there.  Previously we could not take photos on iPads and iPhones, and the android app only works on a small number of devices.

A new approach is being tried and is available now.  This is believed to work on Android version 3.0 or higher and iOS version 6 or higher.

To try this out, go to the following web page using the browser on your phone or tablet.

You can then navigate to the inspections/results screen and below the Save button is a new button you can use to get a photo.  This will enable you to either select a previously taken photo or to take a new photo.  The photo is then uploaded to the web site.

If you try it out, I would be keen to know how you got on.  What device type and operating system do you have, and did it work for you?