New Features - multiple

Posted on January 26, 2014

After an interesting training session with a customer, a number of small changes have been made to RentHQ.

  • You can now choose to print the inspection date on the mail merge letter, without the time.  You can still choose to print inspection date and time if required.
  • If you choose to generate a mail merge letter with an inspection date or time in it, a message will be shown telling you that these types of letters can not be generated the usual way, but instead need to be generated from the inspection details screen itself.
  • The demo of the tenant and landlord logins can now be configured to show your company logo and company name, instead of the demo company name and logo.  This means if you want to promote the software from your web site, you can show the demo login to your clients, but still show your logo.  You might need your web designer to help you with this one.  What you need to do is add &pr=[YourCompanyName] to the web page URL.
    • For the landlord login use[YourCompanyName]
    • For the tenant login use[YourCompanyName]