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New Contractors Login - currently in trial.

Posted on January 2, 2015

Currently there are logins into RentHQ for property managers, tenants and property owners.  A new login has recently also been created for contractors.

The purpose of the contractors login is for trades people to log in and view work orders assigned to them.  They can see the properties address and contact details, and a description of the job, as well as the notes and attachments.  Contractors can then add their own notes if they wish.

Property managers can also log in using their standard login user name and password.  Managers can see all work order jobs for all contractors.  They can also see the quotes and payment details - something contractors themselves can not see.

This is currently only in trial.  I encourage you to try it out and offer feedback.  Property managers log in using their standard login and password.  For contractors, their login name is the contractors code and their initial password is also their contractors code.  As this is only currently in trial, you can not yet access it directly from the web site.  You need to access it from this web site URL

This login uses different technology, so it can be used on a mobile phone or tablet including ipads and android, without the need to install silverlight.