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Fixed - File attachments on a Mac

Posted on September 20, 2014

A while ago the browsers on Mac computers added additional security restrictions which made it impossible for RentHQ to open or upload any file on the local computer.  This meant you could not load attachments for example.

We have created a work-around for this security restriction.  This involves opening a new browser window outside of RentHQ, and uploading files through this other window.  

This means you can now upload files on a mac again.  This includes adding attachments to tenants or properties etc, as well as uploading logo files and importing transactions files in OFX or QIF file format.

After uploading the attachment, because it is in a separate window, you will need to re-open the item the file is being attached to.  For example if you are adding an attachment to a tenant, you will need to close and re-open that tenant again to see the new attachment added.

For anyone who is not using a Mac, you wont notice any difference.