Tutorial Videos

The Basics

Shows you how to set up your first owners, properties and tenants and start entering transactions.
Shows how to create the people who own the properties we are managing.
Shows how to create the properties, which are the things we are managing.
Shows how to create the tenants, who are the people who rent the properties we manage.
Shows how to manually create transactions through the cashbook screen.


Shows how to import a file imported from our bank containing transactions.
Shows you to create transactions templates, and then apply regular automatic transactions.
Shows how to create disbursement transactions which are payments to property owners and fee calculations.
Shows how to create, and the effects of extra fees, which are additional fees charged to owners.
Shows how to create, and later pay back extra charges charged to a tenant.
Demonstrates how to do a bank reconciliation.
Shows how to set up income and expense groups, explaining the impact of the various options .
How to setup and record GST and VAT type taxes in RentHQ.
Shows you how to record mileage log entries and print the mileage report.
Shows how to setup and apply late rent fees, which are a special form of extra charges.
Shows the 2 different accounting modes available in RentHQ.

Other Functions

Shows how to create and apply a rent change, and the effect it has on the total rent due.
Shows how to create a work order and a contractor as well an work order invoicing and payment.
Shows how to create a property inspection schedule and record the results.
Shows how to create mail merge templates and then generate final letters.
Shows how to create and make use of special fields added to tenants, owners, properties or contractors.
Shows how to enable landlords and tenants to log in and view their own data.
Shows how to enable prospective tenants to apply for one of your properties online.
Shows how to create and use Business Entities for reporting purposes.
How to scan documents off your scanner and import photos from cameras/phones directly into RentHQ.
A quick overview of the mobile phone app.
How to automatically generate reports and send them to your email inbox