RentHQ Software Prices

  • Free Software Updates
  • Free Landlord Access
  • Free Tenant Access
  • Free Companion Software for your Mobile Phone or Tablet
  • Free Vacant Property map to add to your own web site
  • Unlimited number of logins
  • Unlimited number of computers
  • No fixed term contract. Cancel at any time.
  • 500MB of disk space for database files
  • Automatically save your important files to your own online Dropbox or OneDrive account
  • Prices shown are before discount (see below). Closed properties are half price.

Select your currency

$6.00 base fee + $0.40 per property
per month
(Billed monthly)

Price Calculation

Approximately how many properties do you expect to have?

Your monthly price with 50 properties would be $26.00 (before discounts - see below)

Bonus Discounts

  • Pay $100 or more and save 10%
  • Pay $200 or more and save 15%
  • Pay $300 or more and save 20%
Customers can choose to pre-pay their account to reach higher discount levels. For example, pay $100 and we will credit your account with $110 which can be used in the following months. Credits are non-refundable.

Optional Extras:
Each SMS/TXT message sent from within RentHQ will cost extra. Prices vary from one country to another. As an indication, price in USA are about $0.02, in Australian about $0.08, and about $0.10 in New Zealand. These prices may change regularly.
Messages sent from the Android or iOS App are free, however phone service provider charges may apply.